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Tree Trimming in West Linn

Live in West Linn, OR? Tree Masters has been servicing your neighbors' tree care needs for 33 years. We specialize in tree trimming to correct arboricultural standards for the health and beauty of your trees and property. We also excel in emergency tree trimming, ornamental pruning, proper selective thinning, and all forms of tree service in Portland and surrounding areas. Our safe, efficient, quality service has earned us rave reviews on Angie's List from our customers! A few of these are posted on our Tree Masters Customer Reviews page. Call us now, 24/7, for your free estimate, including 100% cleanup. (Our customers love our cleanup job!)

By the way, do you know who West Linn is named for? Oregon was twice claimed as Great Britain's, once in 1792 and once in 1811. Senator Lewis F. Linn of Missouri had urged American settling of Oregon so it wouldn't become England's property!

West Linn was voted the top-ranked Oregon city to live in on the CNN/Money Magazine's Best Places to Live 2011 List. The City of West Linn was included on the Best Places to Live 2009 list. In 2012, the Arbor Day Foundation named the City of West Linn Tree City USA Community for its commitment to urban forestry. The Arbor Day Foundation, the largest nonprofit US organization dedicated to planting trees, had bestowed this honor on West Linn for 19 years! Chief executive and founder of the Arbor Day Foundation, John Rosenow, said: “We all benefit when communities like West Linn place a high priority on planting and caring for trees, one of our nation’s most beautiful resources. Trees shade our homes and add beauty to our neighborhoods, and they also provide many environmental, economic and social benefits. We applaud West Linn’s elected officials, volunteers and citizens for providing vital care for its urban forest.” Tree Masters, Inc. Tree Service is proud to uphold the beauty and heritage of West Linn's celebrated urban forest.

Tree Masters Tree Service

Your Portland tree service with a 33-year history of fast, professional excellence. Call now, 24/7, for the best tree service, and the fastest free estimate for tree service in West Linn. We professionally service all your tree trimming, ornamental pruning, selective tree thinning, tree removal, general arboreal and stump grinding needs. All West Linn, Oregon tree services available, including hazard removal, certified arborist reports, landscape consulting,  and all additional general tree services. We also service Portland's surrounding areas, performing all tree services and tree removals in SE, Milwaukie, Clackamas, NE Portland, Lake Oswego, SW Portland, Gladstone and more. Call now for your fast, free estimate!

Portland Office: 503-771-4061

Tree Master Tom's cell: 503-490-4164

Tree trimming Tom Burke West Linn
We care for your trees

Tree trimming close to house by Tree Masters Portland, OR
Professional trimming close to a house with no equipment access

Professional tree trimming
Proper tree trimming technique is important. You want your trees to be safe, healthy and beautiful.

Tree Masters, Inc. tree trimming
Tree Masters, Inc. Tree Service tree trimming beautifies and enhances your home

Tree Masters tree trimming
Tree Masters, Inc. Tree Service tree trimming

Tree Masters Ornamental tree trimming
Tree Masters, Inc. Tree Service:
Ornamental tree trimming done right

Maple tree trimming Tree Masters, Inc. Portland
Retain the beauty of West Linn trees with Tree Masters, Inc. Tree Service's expert trimming

Tree Masters Yellow Poplar tree trimming
Proper selective thinning of Yellow Poplar for health and safety

Tree Masters proper arboricultural tree trimming
Beautify and protect your trees and property with Tree Masters Tree Service

American Elms proper pruning procedure by Tree Masters, Oregon
Proper pruning procedure for American Elms, by Tree Masters


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Office: 503-771-4061
Owner's Cell: 503-490-4164